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  • Jo McCready

Why Kingfisher?

The organization that RJ Rox and her Uncle, Benjamin Stone, work for is called Kingfisher. The name was chosen for very specific reasons, which I’ll go into below. Firstly, I’d just like to point out that when I think of a kingfisher, it is the Sacred Kingfisher/Kōtare/Halcyon Sancta that I envisage. See photos above and below. To see one of these creatures in flight, the sun highlighting the bright blue iridescence of their wings, is truly magical.

Why is a kingfisher a relevant symbol for a secret organization?

For Maori, kōtare signify the importance of being grounded, watchfulness, and knowing when to strike. The kōtare has long been admired for the way it can perch without moving whilst stalking its prey, then suddenly attack in a blur. A good sentry can be compared to the kōtare.

The Kingfisher is admired all over the world for its positive traits. Native American cultures differ on their views, but the Kingfisher is generally seen as a proficient hunter who cannot be intimidated. In the Netherlands, kingfishers are associated with perseverance and a good outcome despite adversity. Irish folklore suggests kingfishers represent calm or happiness during troubled times. They provide symbolism in poetry, literature and music; representing transformation, peace, dignity, speed, the art of timing, and when to act.

There are 90 different species of kingfisher from all over the world. They range from 10 to 42cm, have a large head, long bill, and a compact body.

The roots of the kingfisher’s symbolism in terms of peace and prosperity can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was the subject of many myths, legends, and even superstitions. The dried body of the bird was thought to be able to ward off thunderbolts and storms.

With all of this information, it seems apt that the Kingfisher would represent the organization that RJ Rox works for. There is a power and strength behind the Kingfisher, a dignity, and intelligence that I’m not sure I’d have been able to replicate with another name. It just fit.

So that’s the logical reason, the other reason that the organization is named Kingfisher is simply because I love kingfishers. I have ever since I saw my first one in New Zealand. I am lucky enough to see them on local walks and often hear their ‘yak-yak-yak' that sounds surprisingly similar to the battery-operated flipping dog toys of the early eighties. I have multiple kingfisher artworks around my home. To me they represent, beauty, wonder, and freedom. And now that RJ Rox and Kingfisher are a part of my life, they represent so much more.

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