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  • Jo McCready

My constant writing companion

This is Stanley, Stan, or Stan the Man. He is my constant writing companion, actually, he is just my constant companion. When I'm writing, he can be found close by, laying on the floor or the couch. He's always ready to let me know when I have a book delivery, if someone passes anywhere near the house, or if any shadows look particularly menacing.

He likes to make sure I get enough sleep by telling me he wants to go to bed (with us) around the same time every night. He doesn't sleep on our bed but likes to have us in the room. This doesn't apply in the morning though, when he'd rather laze about in bed than get up with us and go for a walk.

If I'm laying down reading, he is always keen to curl up on my legs or stomach and lets me know when I've been neglecting him too long by doofing my book out of the way with his head, before coming to lay on my chest and present me with a mouthful of fur. I have to admit, he does give really good cuddles.

I find strands of white fur on me, wherever I go and Stanley has definitely got more clingy since lockdown but he is a very good boy. He is happy to be left alone, doesn't bother with anything that is accidentally strewn on the floor, and is very affectionate. I wouldn't change him for the world. He is the best writing companion to have. He listens to my frustrations with the computer, looks at me with great intent and adoration when I babble away about my story ideas, and provides a happy distraction when I need a break. Everyone needs a writing companion!

So many writers seem to have pets. I wonder if it's because writing is a very solitary occupation. My house would feel very empty without Stanley. I love being on my own but wouldn't want it the entire time. Sometimes he drives me mad, but in general he keeps me sane and improves my daily quality of life enormously. I don't know where I'd be without my wee writing companion.

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