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Follow Kingfisher agent RJ Rox as she navigates through a world full of killers, secrets and lies. 

The Hunted

On the vast Buchanan Estate in the wilds of Scotland, tech billionaire James Sullivan dies a suspicious death. Rookie agent RJ Rox is drawn back to a homeland to which she’d sworn she’d never return.  She soon realizes the present is far more threatening than her past as she hunts the killers and the powers that unleashed them.

The close-knit community surrounding the estate is the perfect place to hide secrets and lies. RJ finds herself searching for the weakest link that will allow her access into Buchanan’s sinister world.

Thrown together with a partner who clearly hates her makes RJ even more determined to prove herself to the elusive Kingfisher organization.

Remote, desolate, and beautiful, the hills hide a killer lying in wait. Can RJ close the case before anyone else is subject to the same fate as Sullivan? Before she is hunted herself?

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The Festival Killer

Agent RJ Rox is in charge of her first case for the clandestine organization known as Kingfisher. A ticking clock and a colleague who could make the whole assignment blow up in her face, pile on the pressure in a case that seems impossible to crack.

An ambassador’s secret love child, gone missing at the Berlin Book Festival years previously, lead her in a direction she never could have imagined . . . and back to the streets of Scotland.

 As RJ searches for answers, she learns the truth is stranger than fiction when she sets her sights on a world-famous crime writer. Does a new book hold the key to the whole case, and can RJ unlock it in time?

RJ’s playing a deadly game with a killer who has something to prove—almost as much as she has.

The Rogue Master

She thought she knew who killed them. She was wrong. 

An exposed truth has secret agent RJ Rox going rogue. A dangerous path made even more perilous by an unexpected partner. An international hunt for a murderer without the backup of the organization that trained them threatens to sever ties with Kingfisher forever—a bond she thought was unbreakable.

As their pursuit develops, a brush with the Italian Mafia becomes the least of their concerns. Their enemy is far more sophisticated than anyone she’s ever come up against.

Just what lengths will they need to go to find their foe, and will they be ready for what comes next?

Whatever cost you would be prepared to pay to avenge your loved ones, chances are, RJ will go further.

The Power Play 

Who knew the electric vehicle industry could be so deadly?


Secret Agent RJ Rox didn’t expect a warm return to her old job after going rogue - but her new boss knows just which buttons to push to make life difficult.


When she’s assigned to investigate claims of industrial espionage, RJ must take advantage of her connections to prove her loyalty to the Kingfisher organization and get close to Campbell Fraser, the Scottish CEO of international conglomerate Bramble.  


Hired by Jefferson Tate, the CEO of rival EV company Charge, to investigate the origins of Bramble’s new battery, RJ can’t help but admire the enigmatic Fraser and be repelled by her client. Tate, it seems, is a man who cares about one thing, and one thing only – money.


As the assignment turns deadly, it’s hard to tell who the good guys are, and which side she should be on.

The Conspiracy Theorist

Sometimes it’s impossible to know what to believe.


A podcaster with a wild agenda and a misogynist boss who continues to exert his authority leads Kingfisher agent RJ Rox to an assignment she believes is a waste of her time and skills. That is, until the game changes and it becomes evident there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

Popular conspiracy theorist Jed Mixen insists someone is out to get him, to end his fight for justice against a powerful new world order. RJ pushes back against his theories but this only makes Jed more insistent that someone is willing to kill to keep him quiet.

As RJ investigates links to the government and big business, what she finds surprises even her.


In a world of falsehoods and fallacy, someone must stand for the truth.

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